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Hello there, I am Candice Johnson.

Creative consultant  |  Brand coach  | 

Graphic designer  |  Interiors specialist


As your creative consultant, I am here to help you with your creative problems & projects. With a combined 14 years of experience in the design, marketing, & interiors industries, I am a solutions-focused consultant specialising in a variety of different fields. Together, we will define your needs, find opportunities for creative growth, & apply a creative solution that is competitive & relevant. 


Coolio's Creative was born from a place of passion for people, design, & the creative side of life. Employing the perfect balance of experience, perspective, & enthusiasm enables me to remain vigilant in a world of ever-changing design & communication. Helping those around me find their purpose using creative strategies, as well as learning from friends & strangers alike, keeps me alive & ticking.

Coolios Creative Consulting-Candice Johnson-2022-1.jpg
Coolios Creative Consulting-Candice Johnson-2022-2.jpg
Coolios Creative Consulting-Candice Johnson-2022-3.jpg

Birthed 1989. Established 2018.

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