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Consider me your creative best friend; placing connection & creativity at the forefront of every job, I will walk alongside you in your business journey as we pour life into your dreams & ideas. We will define industry related problems, recognise opportunities & utilise a creative-solutions-oriented approach that is effective, competitive & relevant.

Coolio's offers a large variety of creative skills on a silver platter:

Branding  |  Brand Strategy  |  Art direction  |  Graphic design  |  Finished artwork (ready for print)  |  Printing expertise & management  |  Market Research  |  Marketing Insight  |  Strategic, innovative thinking  |  Creative conceptualisation & problem-solving  |  Interior & Creative Styling  |  Interior decor consulting  |  Interiors & product photography (to be discussed if needed)  |  Photography contacts & suppliers  |  Video / Production experience & contacts  |  WIX website design  |  Website design & development contacts  |  Social media advice & strategy  |  Events co-ordination & design  |  Contacts in PR Industry regarding Media & Marketing  |  Client-understanding / liaison. |  Team spirit  |  Empathy  |  Altruism  |  Spirit of Excellence

Candice guided me in my aim of building a professional brand. Her professional insights & approach, as much as her friendly personality, were an absolute pleasure to work with. Candice is creative, hardworking & totally client-focused, which is why I was grateful to have her at my side as a trustworthy brand consultant. 

Lotte Hamm-Henning


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